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One unexpected event can trigger a severe financial crisis for an individual, family or business. Bankruptcy protection exists so that parties can move forward when debt becomes unmanageable. At Stanford Law in Omaha, our seasoned attorneys work closely with Nebraskans to find lasting solutions to their debt problems through a bankruptcy filing or some other method.


What Our Clients Have to Say

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    I couldn’t pay the massive medical bills that piled up after my car accident, but Jack Darakjian helped me discharge my debts through bankruptcy so I could make a true fresh start.

    - Jeff P. ★★★★★
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    Even with a steady job, my family kept falling farther and farther behind financially. With Paul Bitar’s help, we were able to get a fair repayment plan and keep our home.

    - Caitlin R. ★★★★★
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    Nick Boone made me feel comfortable when I was worried about losing everything because of my student-loan and credit-card debt. He was able to stop the harassment from creditors.

    - Jennifer G. ★★★★★
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    When any of my friends are having serious financial problems, I tell them to call Stanford Law right away.

    - Susan L. ★★★★★
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    My business kept its doors open due to the Chapter 11 debt reorganization plan developed by Sera Jones.

    - Bobby H. ★★★★★

Proven Attorneys for Business and Personal Bankruptcies

Attorneys file cases under Chapters 7, 11 and 13

Whether your financial difficulties stem from a job loss, economic downturn, medical expenses or some other factor, our firm will devise a strategy aimed at putting you back on solid ground while minimizing the disruption to your life. We advocate for clients in Chapter 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcy cases, as well as negotiations relating to mortgage adjustments and student loan obligations.


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Stanford Law in Omaha represents individual and business clients throughout Nebraska in bankruptcy proceedings and other debt relief matters. We provide honest insight so you can understand your legal options and successfully resolve your financial problems.

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